About us

“Augink sraiges” – Helix aspersa snail farm

In 2012 we established our snail farm near Salakas, Lithuania and started growing snails. We put a lot of work and effort to get our farm running and then we bought a considerable number of snail hatchlings at a beginning of farming season. After nearly a year we already had a fully functional snail farm as a fruit of our work.

“Why snails?” – it is a question we are being asked quite often. When we first learned about this form of farming, it seemed like an attractive idea. Later on we found out more about edible snail business and decided to try it out ourselves. After contacting and getting to know snail growers from northern Lithuania we visited their snail farm and started a training course. Next steps of our work were accompanied by enthusiasm and anticipation and in two weeks time we were already setting up our farm, organizing the necessary constructions and doing other preparatory work. To begin with, we purchased 6-10 day old snail hatchlings, because, at that time we did not have the necessary conditions for snail reproduction. As of now, February 2014, we are actively preparing to begin a new breeding cycle, during which we are going to hatch the snail younglings first and then collect snail eggs for snail caviar produce later.

Our snails are grown mostly outside in an enclosed pen and are being fed by local grown vegetables, wild plants, such as stinging nettles, and a special certified feed. We currently grow Helix aspersa maxima snails, but in the future we intend to try other species or varieties.

We could not have done without the help of our fellow snail farmers. Thanks to them we received the knowledge and experience necessary. With a long term business vision in our minds we are working towards its fulfilment.

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